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    Viaccess 3 cards

    Hi, Mates The question is: this method works for dreambox 500S too? Thks a lots
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    Whats the best blind search and sensitive receiver on sale?

    Hello, Lauro and what can you say about its sensitive?
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    Dish question?

    Where did you hear that? Let us to know more about that.
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    Dream Box 500S PROBLEM

    Forget gemini and install Nabilo with MGcamd1.25 and I bet your problem will be solved for ever. And good luck
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    Dead DB

    Hi, Pkv Once I've got the same problem and I fixed it with new image via DreamUp and null modem cable. Try again. No panic! and good luck.
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    Problem with 22Khz V

    Probably that dreambox 500 was made in China
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    real newbie needs help installing a cam

    Hi, to begin your experience with your DB, get the last version of Gemini image and so use Camd3 and respective Camd3.keys. Good Luck
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    Hello, Kaiser, try this one & good luck
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    dream connect

    Try "The Gemini v 3.40" I guess is the best and good luck. Dont forget the camd3.882 and camd3.keys. Have a good night