1. Liz Jupp

    Completely lost for a solution. Any ideas?

    We have an apartment in the south west of France and for the last fifteen years we have successfully had Freesat from a satellite dish on our balcony. It is literally on the other side of the wall from the TV and encoder and so only a short cable is required. In April of this year we bought a...
  2. G

    Newbie Here Freesat signal loss

    Hi All, I've recently started having problems with Freesat. I have an old sky dish, although it's in decent condition. The lnb is about 2 years old as the previous occupant had sky Q, so I had it swapped for a sky mk4 lnb. All internal connections are sound up to my LG smart TV, with built in...
  3. N

    Replacing Sky Q with a FTA receiver

    Good day all, I've been looking around for a replacement receiver since I will need to return the Sky Q receiver now that I've cancelled my subscription. I have decent knowledge of satellite stuff and I used to get the UK FTA channels over in Germany when I lived there using the built-in DVB-S2...
  4. R

    Main Freesat Transponder Not Found

    I've recently moved in to a house (rented) and realised it did not have an aerial, but a satellite dish. A twin cable labeled Sky comes into the area where our TV is. Doing a bit of reading it seemed like we needed to buy a Freesat box, so I did (Manhattan SX). When I went to set this us, I...
  5. M

    Intermittent loss of signal

    I have a problem with the intermittent loss of signal on my two receivers. We live in South West France. The setup I have is a 90cm generic dish, with a Vlaanderen DuoLNB with four outputs. Those outputs feed a Manhattan Freesat + recorder and a Freesat 4K recorder. The LNB is either Belgian or...
  6. B

    Sat>ip box problems with itv channels [nar] narration audio by default

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with an issue I have been experiencing (specifically with ITV channels) I was trying to add satellite channels to my media center but noticed a problem with ITV having Audio Description enabled by default with no way seemingly to force the english...
  7. M

    No signal in upstairs bedroom freesat

    Hi, I've searched countless posts online about this but found no solution. I am on the verge of calling someone in to sort it but could do without the expense at this time.Basicaly I had a working freesat sky digibox (old thomson style) in the lounge,long story short the tv broke and when I got...
  8. M

    Advice Needed Can i access cosmote tv (eutelsat 9b) with existing dish for freesat (eutelsat 16a)?

    Hello, I would appreciate some help. I live in London and I can currently access TV through Freesat. A photo of the existing dish is shown below. I am interested in receiving Greek TV channels through Cosmote TV's satellite offering. Cosmote is the Greek equivalent of BT in the UK. I have...
  9. R

    Advice Needed The best satellite receiver for free uk channels

    Hi, I hope that my post is in the right section. We just done house extension with beautiful conservatory and I want to get some satellite receiver with my old 32 inch TV, so I can watch free UK channels in the extension. Any suggestions?
  10. H

    Help Required Luton - NOS 30W & FreeSat

    Hi all, Currently looking for a qualified electrician and Sat installer to do set up a 30W NOS with an 80cm dish for and a 28.2E FreeSat with a dish. The dishes need to be put on the roof (3 storey high detached building), cabling to go on the loft; we are in Caddington, just 2 miles down of...
  11. P

    Newbie Here Getting started

    Hello! I’ve recently moved into a rented flat with no ‘traditional’ digital aerial. Instead, poking from behind the bookcase are two cables which I think are satellite cables. (Photos included) First question - am I right? Secondly, why are there two of them? I’ve looked at some freesat boxes...
  12. A

    Help Required No Signal on Freesat Setup

    Hi, I have an LG 43UJ634V, which has an inbuilt FreeSat Tuner. I had a Satellite set up, that is pointed in the correct direction, as it was working for previous tenants, and I have checked the directions using DishPointer. The LNB (not sure if this is correct) goes from the satellite through...
  13. O

    Freesat gone but Astra 2 still working... why/how?

    Hi all I have two satellite receivers - a Technomate 7102 (which I use for European stations) on Astra 1, 2 and Hotbird (working fine) and a Panny BS 850 which my other half uses for Freesat. Last night, Freesat went down on some channels. A retune gave the no Astra 2 connection message. I...
  14. Graeme M

    Leaving SKY

    HI. I have decided to cancel my SKY tv package and wondered if the old SKY+ HD box I have can still be used to receive Freesat/Freeview at all? Using the existing dish would mean I wouldn't have to install another TV aerial. Internet advice all seems to be years old, just wondered what the...
  15. npire1

    Will the Vu+ Duo2 be as good as the Humax Foxsat Hdr for fringe reception

    Hi I am thinking of replacing my Humax Foxsat Hdr for a Vu+ Duo 2 box but just a bit worried If It will be as good as my Humax box at fringe reception ? I would like to change to the Vu+ Duo 2 so I can combine all the paid tv I have from astra 19.2 & 23.5 with the freesat. Apparently this...
  16. S

    Advice Needed Afflicted with "No Signal"

    Hi everyone, New to here and hoping someone can help… About a I've had a Satellite Dish up and running for about 6 or so years (SkyHD for the first 4 or so and FreeSat HD for the rest of the time) it's always worked perfectly but I had noticed it was pretty rusty this summer and would probably...
  17. statalite

    12v Sky or Freesat receiver for a boat

    Hi All, An installer friend of mine has an elderly customer with a boat and is requiring a receiver that is really easy to use, so that would be Sky or Freesat. Pace 1000 'javelin' Any Freesat alternatives? Thanks guys
  18. P

    Advice Needed 'New Old Stock' Foxsat HD box ?

    Hello, can I ask for your advice please. I previously set up a LiDL FTA SD kit at my elderly parents' remote place in southern Scotland about eight years ago and it has worked pretty well in that time, except for poor reception in heavy rain and the dish sometimes being knocked off target in...
  19. Niaomi

    Advice Needed Where are the satellite cables located in my home

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum, but I have a burning question. I've recently moved house and the Freeview reception is absolutely terrible. At the moment it's only able to pick up BBC channels. I checked the Freeview coverage site and it says we should pick up 20 channels. Even if we actually...