1. L

    Advice Needed Update Channel List Via Internet / Network

    hi everyone. I'm looking for a solution to a problem. I have a relative that I often have to go round to and retune their free-to-air UK satellite box, its becoming a pain. I'm looking for a device that I can remotely update the channel list on from my system or PC. I'm thinking a VU+ box...
  2. astra 1D

    analog satellite in 2022

    Hi i have acquired an analogue satellite receiver from the attic and i wondered if there are any analog satellite channels left. I know that Astra turned off is analog system in 2012.
  3. N

    How can build the earth station to receive the signal of satellite constellation

    Hello, I want to build the earth station to receive the signal of satellite constellation (like starlink, oneweb). Do you know the solution? Where I can buy the earth station antenna ?
  4. C


    Hi, I’ve just dug out an old Horizon Meter and wanted to know if anyone knows how/what I need to do to update all the files TPS & FIRMWARE. Cheers
  5. N

    How to calculate Satellite pass time

    Hello Everybody, To day, I am trying to calculate satellite pass time with a earth station in LEO satellite system but not completed. Do you have solution to calculate? thank you so much
  6. N

    Satellite Industry Directory

    I want to know that how can I purchase the "Satellite Industry Directory" book written by viasat?
  7. R

    Main Freesat Transponder Not Found

    I've recently moved in to a house (rented) and realised it did not have an aerial, but a satellite dish. A twin cable labeled Sky comes into the area where our TV is. Doing a bit of reading it seemed like we needed to buy a Freesat box, so I did (Manhattan SX). When I went to set this us, I...
  8. K

    Wanted Looking for a large around 1.2 - 1.8m prime focus satellite dish

    Hey guys, hope you can help... Looking for a large around 1.2 - 1.8m prime focus satellite dish has to have no warping or dents. Thanks guys. I’m based in London but could travel if needs be. please get in touch :)
  9. N

    Buy ephemeris data of satellite

    Hello everyone, I am using Geolocation system to locate a transmitter in satellite system. As you know, the system will use ephemeris data of two satellite. I am using this data from Norad for free. Now I want to use commercial data to increase accuracy of location. Do you know who is provider...
  10. N

    How to convert degree to kilometres

    Hello friend, Do you know how to convert 1 degree to kilometres in space? Ex: one satellite orbit is 130E and another 131E so how many kilometre between two satelite? thank you
  11. S

    Sky q italia lnb

    Can anyone on here confirm what LNB is required for Sky Q Italia? Thanks Tom
  12. M

    Advice Needed enigma2 namespace

    I watch satellite TV in Spain using OpenSPA firmware on an AZBox Elite HD. As I'm new in this forum I thought, what better way to present myself than asking a question. In enigma2 all satellites / orbital positions seem to have a namespace, e.g. 19.2E: 12582912 23.5E: 15400960 28.2E: 18481152...
  13. Satfaca

    SMW Quattro PLL-LNB + OMT

    Professional digital Quattro PLL-LNB (10.70-12.75 GHz) - Swedish Microwave AB. New costs around 800€. Selling for 350€.
  14. Johnny B

    Newbie Here Polish Satellite in UK, Openbox etc... (Total Newb!)

    Hi all, I have an ex smart TV, i.e the network adapter is not working anymore. I also have a Polish partner, and am looking to install Polish "Freesat", if it exists. I've installed a generic UK satellite dish at my caravan, so think I can manage it myself, but... I can't work out what I...
  15. B

    Advice Needed Suggested install - help needed!!!

    Hi everyone I'm a newbie to this site so firstly thank you for any/all replies secondly sorry for quite long post, just trying to make sure you guys have all the info you need to help, your help is massively appreciated. I'm seeking advise for a suggested install, we are in the process of...
  16. worcesterman47

    Advice Needed I need to replace 96yr old ladies Sat box

    Hi guys,my mother in law is a disabled 96yr old Italian lady,she speaks no English and relies on the Italian tv we had installed for her many years is/was a Fortec Star digi box but it has now totally stopped working,I am looking for advice on what to replace it with.she only ever watches...
  17. Satfaca

    For Sale Orbitron SX-8.5 + Ajak Aimer

    A very rare opportunity ... specially in Europe. Orbitron SX-8.5 (255 cm) micro-mesh Antenna with Ajak Aimer H2H Motor, 18" Jaeger for elevation, Precision C/Ku feedhorn (same as ADL RP3-CKu), CalAmp C-band LNB. Upon wish also Chaparral M140, unfortunately with defective power supply. You...
  18. M

    Which receiver for Turksat (Turkish Channels) ?

    Hi ; I have been watching most of the channels that on Turksat via my satellite dish and basic 'Head' SD receiver My receiver is almost 8 years old and not working properly now I would like to buy a new receiver, possibly the ones with the PVR - USB recorder (HD) I have searched on Amazon...
  19. L

    Help Required Looped receivers lost/bad signal

    Hello. I have a diseq switch sending in a cable from 2 separate dishes: the Hispasat at position A and Hotbird at position B. This setup's been working perfectly for both satellites feeding into 1 receiver - a Technomate 5302HD. I've acquired a couple of other receivers which I want to use...
  20. 9

    Help Required Pointing to 52.5 E receiving signal from 42.0 E

    I newly purchased some satellite systems (3 dish antenna and receivers) I currently have Hotbird @ 13E, Thor @ 0.8W. I am trying to setup Y1A at 52.5°E I have created the satellite in the receiver with all TP list. Point the dish to 52.5 with following: Elevation: 15.6° Azimuth (true)...