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    Live Premiership next season - channel comparison

    Hi, "Die Konferenz" is normally only on during the Bundesliga winter break. When the Bundesliga is playing they normally stick to one live match for the EPL as the commentators needed for Die Konferenz are busy commentating on the german games. What equipment are you using to watch Premiere...
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    epl 2007/8 premiere?

    All EPL is on Premiere Sport Portal and can be subscribed to for €9,99 a month. I believe some Carling Cup football was on Arena last season but was probably encoded and I don't think it would have been included in the Football Subscription. DSF used to have FA and Carling Cup football. With the...
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    Premiere in UK

    Hi, I've recently moved back to the UK and want to keep my Premiere-de sub running. Bargain at €35 a month for the full package in comparison to GBP45 for SLY. I live in Bristol. Would an 80cm dish do me? Cheers, Methos
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    Calling Sky from abroad

    I can only agree with some previous posts. I too have disabled caller i.d and rung with no probs from Germany. If you disable caller i.d they wont flag it as an international call, how can they? Methos.
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    Problem of Expiring Credit Cards

    I had this happen to me about a year ago. At first the payments just carried on as usual, although I even got a new card number with the new card. Mastercard continued in letting the payments continue for 4 months or so. Then they just stopped. The annoying part was that neither SKY nor...
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    World Cup

    A lot of games are going to be fta. Premiere has the rights to show all games and as far as I know in HD, which is gonna rock :-Jumbo The free channels however are supposed to have the rights to just about every "interesting" game. Anyone know what the plans are with the rights in the UK? Methos
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    Strong signal but less channels!

    I wouldnt count the phone out just yet. You have to remove the batteries from the handset too. If you still have no joy, it could be due to your neighbours. Believe me, this is true. If you're living in a block of flats for example your neighbours phone could disrupt your setup. We have the same...
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    Reception Problem that SKY cant fathom

    Hi! know the problem well. albeit with german tv. We have probs with pro7, sat1, dsf and kabel1. Not that much of a problem as we have the same channels available on a different frequency for austria. different ads and news but 99% the same tv listings. I have never had exactly the same problem...
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    Sky Plus: Hard Drive Problems

    dont pay anything. just cancel your sub over the phone and tell them you are doing this as your hard drive is knackered and when youre paying 42,50 a month you dont agree with paying an extra 65 for an engineer. they usually offer you a SKY+ refurb box for free then. and if they dont, be cheeky...
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    Parental Control Plays Farces

    I've tried these four digits and they just don't work. I've still got my original contract that I signed way back when and the card number is on there. The last four digits are the same as the PIN I've been trying for god knows how long. Its just not happening.
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    Parental Control Plays Farces

    although they had better have someway of changing the pin without the telephone being connected. what aout all the people inside the uk but outside of the initial 12 months? if I had the same problem in my uk home theres no way I could connect my box quickly to the phone line. my only phone...
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    Parental Control Plays Farces

    let me know how you get the pin reset as I'm having exactly the same problem. My PIN just stopped working. I was beginning to think I was just too stupid and had actually forgot it. I live abroad and would like to know what the procedure is before I phone them and start having to find excuses...
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    Sky in Germany

    who knows, maybe they speak a different a language or something :D
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    Can I replace Sky + box?

    Give them a ring and tell them you wanna cancel. Thats what I did. She offered me a call out at first for 40GBP but I told her I wasnt interested as the box is knackered and I dont need to pay 40GBP just for some bloke to come out and tell me this. She then offered me the new SKY 160 box or what...
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    Amstrad DRX200

    ;) just give sky a ring and say you wanna cancel. I got a new sky+ box of them so I dont think they'll mind giving you a normal box. Always worth trying for the sake of a phone call to their nice cheap call line O-Ha Methos