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    Sunday´s Happy Birthday

    Now I can draw my pensions and try to spend more time on my hobby of satellite TV!:cool: becoming increasingly difficult due to demands from grandchildren.:confused: I still am involved in assessment of Aerial & Satellite installers to NVQ standard if anyone requires this qualification in the...
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    A Very Special Announcement

    Congratulations ! Chris and Bridget, now the sleepless nights start!
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    Learning Portuguese

    I have been a visitor to the Algarve for the past 20 years, but still "falo portuguese muito poco" if I try to converse there I am usually answered in English anyway!
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    Source of alternative program for Access

    I need to open a document -: File Type: Microsoft Office Access Database File File Extension: .mdb Description: This file is a Microsoft Office Access database file. Is there an alternative program I can download free that will open this? I do not have Office on this laptop I am using...
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    Sky just lost over 3.1m viewers

    Well Done Richard Branson & Co. !!! Sky just think they can dictate terms to everyone as they have a monoply. It would be great if Virgin could enter the satellite platform and give them "real competition"
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    Sky abandons old foreign satellite prosecutions

    Sky should spend more time pursuing the countless number of bars in Europe, that are blatently showing Sky Sports/Premiership etc.on a illegal residential subscription, rather than overcharging UK pub's & clubs IMHO
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    So You Want Receiver Software Patches?

    See here for null modem cable details-:
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    LNB subsystem

    Have a look @
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    Lidl germany selling equipment 22nd August...

    Sat dealers in the UK would have to look long and hard to "buy in" @ these prices!! :(
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    OK, I will kick off the new section. :-1welcome I have been involved with radio & Tv/video/satellite since leaving school in 1960, seen many changes things I would not have believed :) Not a good trade now due to price erosion, too much product chasing too few buyers and severe competition...
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    Channel 5

    If you look @ You will see you are well out of the footprint for Channel 5 whichis on a 2B North Beam transponder. 12304 H tp 31 SR 27500 FEC 2/3 Reception of 5 here on the Algarve is variable, OK during good weather but...
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    Amplifier & multiswitch instaal help please

    Is it possible to use a quad in place of a quattro with a multiswitch??
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    matrix rerloaded vs revolutions vs reborn

    Have a look here-: Or here for a comprehensive guide to many cams etc-:
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    New Card Problem

    Sounds like you have a old version of software, force a new download by un-plugging from mains, re insert mains whilst pressing BACKUP button on front of receiver, keep pressed in till 4 lights appear on front of digibox and message appears on screen "Updating Software" etc. see-...
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    I am a prime example of a knuckle head

    Well said Rolf, we can do without his kind!!! O-no